MKAmysterylady.com is an ongoing project

The mystery lady will change as the mystery world changes, as the world we live in, for real, changes, and as different issues come up that I want to talk about and that I think will interest people who stop by. And I hope that, as time goes on, readers will come back again and again to see what the mysterylady is up to. That’s one of my objectives in doing this blog. I have other goals for it also, and I have defined them here.

MKAmysterylady.com is about all manner of mysterious doings

Mystery comes in many forms: long, as in novels, short, as in stories; crimes of every kind.  Murder, mayhem, malice. Suspense, spies in disguise, evil deeds. I’ve loved mysteries since I was a little girl; radio mystery shows were big then, and it was fun being scared while sitting safely at home. Especially on a rainy day, in my little corner of our attic, with thunder and lightning to add to the shivery read. So if exposure and experience count, I’m a bit of an authority on mystery.

I’d like this to be a conversation among lovers—of mysteries, that is

I’d like it to be fun, fun for you to read and me to write. As I’ve already said, I hope that when you come here and spend some time with MKAmysterylady.com, you will take away something of value. Some days I may write about what I’m reading at the moment, and what started me–long years ago–on the road to becoming a mystery bug. I may talk a little about me as a person—but not too much. I’d like to keep a little mystery about myself, you know.

But there will be more than just mystery

I may share something that occurs to me at the moment I sit down to put words on the blog; maybe a philosophical musing or thoughts inspired by a comment someone made. I may talk about what it’s like to write this blog, where my ideas come from, and the kinds of research I do to make it fresh and interesting. You can be sure I’ll never run out of topics; I’ll probably run out of breath first. I’m not a kid anymore, but I still have my kid-self love of reading, of writing, of the mysterious.

I want to meet other mystery lovers

There are thousands of writers of mysteries. Thousands upon thousands of readers of mysteries. Uncounted numbers of viewers of mystery movies and TV shows. And there are the publishers, the agents, the producers, the ad agencies and copywriters, the designers of pages and covers.  The lawyers who try to keep everybody honest in this multi-billion-dollar economy.  And last but not least, the bloggers who love mystery in its many forms and blog about it.

Reviews of mystery novels, short stories, anthologies, blogs and websites

There is a wealth of information about mysterious things out in the ether, some of it excellent, some less so. I’ve spent many hours researching the huge and varied topic we call mystery, by whatever name—suspense, true crime, detective, among many others—and I can safely say, if you’ll forgive the cliché, that my head started spinning early on.  There are multitudes of blog sites, review sites, sites dedicated to one or another author, topic or style. There are the social media, among them Twitter and Facebook, where people share their thoughts and opinions in short bursts (Twitter) or at whatever length (Facebook).

I consider it an important service to those who visit and read this blog, and one of the purposes in doing the blog is to share my thoughts about what I see and read on the internet, in magazines and newspapers, and even in conversations with my cohorts in mystery. I’ll have links to sites that I think are especially worth your time, or in many cases, just suggestions of things I’ve enjoyed. But count on it, you won’t find long, long lists of names.

When I pick up on interesting goings-on in the mystery world, I’ll share them with you, about places to go, shows to listen to or watch, people to follow. I will gather ideas about topics from lots of places, but my perspective on everything will come out of my own experiences, my own life, my own background. You can learn some facts about who I am by clicking on About MKAmysterylady. But as in any good relationship, we learn more and more about others—and ourselves—as time goes on, as we visit and share thoughts and ideas and get to know one another.

I’d love to know about you, what you like and don’t like

Why not give me a good sampling of your own thinking about mysterious doings, with questions or topics you’d like to discuss with me and other readers. Do you prefer novels or short stories? Do you like cat stories or cooks mixing murder with the stew or are tales of hard-boiled private eyes or cops-with-a-conscience your favorite read? Where do you stand today on the e-reader/physical-book continuum? How does the format affect your enjoyment? If you start a novel, do you finish it, like it or not? How much influence do the opinions and comments of your friends have about your reading choices? I’ll be talking about all these things and more in the coming weeks.

There’s space below for comments

I’m also including a couple of links to the mysteries I listened to as a youngster. In an upcoming post, I’ll review these and other mystery sites. Such variation among them, some excellent, some dreadful. But there is something on the Internet for everybody. And, finally, I hope I can add to your enjoyment of the time you spend reading.

Old Time Radio Mystery Theater

I Love A Mystery

Radio Spirits Mysteries (A compilation of old-timey stuff; fun!)

  19 Responses to “Home”

  1. Hi Marcia, I’m delighted to see your blog has arrived. I’m looking forward to book reviews of mysteries I might enjoy reading. I’m a library reader rather than a purchaser. Afterall, my budget does not meet my reading needs. I probably do not read much science fiction even if it is mysterious. I am enjoying Henning Mankell at present. Looking forward to hearing what you are reading. Barbara

  2. Congrats on your blog, Marcia! I’m glad to see that it’s finally here and will look forward to what it brings. I enjoy mysteries, but my reading time comes in spurts. It all depends on what’s going on in my life. I like to have long periods of time to really get into a story. Sometimes that’s impossible, so reading is put off for a while. Good luck with the blog.

  3. Came by your blog by accident. Very interesting and gave me food for thought. Looking forward to reading the book I just read about.

  4. Thanks for your well put-together and well laid out article. I am grateful that I came up on this great site and know you have other good stuff here.

  5. Hi Marcia,
    Thanks for offering to review my book. That would be great. It is not Nook compatible. However, it is iPad compatible. Here’s how to do it:
    1. On your iPad go to your App. Store.
    2. Tap categories at the bottom of the iPad.
    3. Do a search for Kindle App
    4. Tap Kindle and follow instructions for downloading.
    My husband has an iPad and he downloads from Amazon with no problem.
    I read some of your reviews. They are well written and informative.
    Thanks again,

  6. Not a problem, Nancy. I answer to just about anything as long as it’s polite.

  7. Hi Marcia,
    I like your new blog banner and your broadened format. You just get better and better.

  8. The idea of an ongoing, changing site is excellent given the fast changing world we live in today.

    • Nancy, keep encouraging me. My head is spinning trying to figure how to implement all the stuff I have planned for both sites. You’re an inspiration to me. And I love the picture on the cover of your Aussie book. I took a brief seminar a while ago about e-publishing, and the l;eader emphasized the importance of the cover and making sure it will look good in the small size for e-books.

      I’m going to download and start reading soon. The, of course, a review. Fun!

  9. Marcia,

    My book, Michael Connelly: A Reader’s Guide, will be published shortly. It’s the only book written about Connelly and covers his his crime reporter articles, his short stories and novels as well as film versions of his novels. It is written for mystery fans to enhance their enjoyment when they read Connelly’s books. If you would like to review it, I’d be happy to have my publisher send you a copy. Please let me know.



    • Stan, I’d love to read your book and put it on my review schedule. Sounds like something that would interest general readers and especially those Connelly fans, who are legion, I think. Do let your publisher know. I’ll be watching for it.

      Thanks for stopping by, and do keep looking for interesting things here, and at what-mka-thinks.com


  10. Good afternoon! I came to your blog and believe we are related (through marriage). Woul love to connect with you….I believe my husband’s (David) father (John) is your husband’s twin brother! Small world, I am a Chaplain and a Christian writer!
    I am on Facebook as Leigh Applegate or my email is leighlowden@yahoo.com
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  11. I’ve just read for the first time your entertaining reviews of my short novels, An Ocracoke Affair, An Outer Banks Vacation and A Nags Head Affair. I enjoyed your witty and insightful comments very much. I’m glad you have a healthy sense of humor and a congenial pen. Thanks again for taking the time and effort.

    • T.L., As I said in the reviews, these three short novels were indeed entertaining. A fun read, especially if you’re in the mood not to take life too seriously. But I hope I don’t meet some of your characters on a dark night in a dark place!

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  13. Hello Mystery Lady,

    Do you review ebooks? I’ve written two medical thrillers, EMBRYO http://tinyurl.com/7vjyqao  and EMBRYO 2: CROSSHAIRS http://tinyurl.com/c7al8zb

    Many thanks (& your blog is exciting!)


  14. Is this blog still active? It seems it stopped in 2011. Hope you come back and revive this blog.

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